Why review the ATIPP Act?

The Yukon government is required to review the ATIPP Act every 6 years. This is the first such review since the requirement was introduced in act amendments made in 2009. We see this as a great opportunity to engage Yukoners for the first time (practically-speaking) in thinking about the ways in which access to information and privacy matter to their own lives.

Why should Yukoners participate?

It is fundamentally important in a democracy for citizens to understand and be aware of their access and privacy rights. Yukon government recognizes this in its commitment to transparency and accessibility. It invites Yukoners to participate in making our access and privacy legislation understandable, effective and user-friendly.

Your Opportunity

The ATIPP Act review is your opportunity to help update and modernize an important piece of legislation into something that can meet the expectations we have today, and will serve us in the way we actually live and function.

If you’re like most Yukoners, you want a convenient and familiar way to access information and deal with life’s necessary bureaucratic matters. At the same time, you want assurance that if and when difficulties arise — for instance, in the unfortunate circumstance of having to access private data after the loss of a family member — you will have both the access you require to necessary information and the on-going protection of that information to ensure its privacy.

As well, if you want to know about the activities or decisions of your elected government, and you have not been able to obtain the information you are seeking through the program area, the ATIPP Act establishes your right to this information.

Share your experiences with accessing information and help shape the future of how your information and the information of your government is managed.